As technology and digital developments are accelerating, the threat of hacking to fraud remains unavoidable. A recent report from research firm Chainalysis reveals that fraud in the cryptocurrency world has generated more than US$7.7 billion in 2021, up 81 percent compared to 2020.

Tokocrypto, as a provider of digital asset trading services, not only offers convenience and convenience, but the security aspect is also the main focus which continues to be developed with the application of layered security technology.

Tokocrypto’s VP of Corporate Communication, Rieka Handayani, said that in order to create a better ecosystem, Tokocrypto campaigned for the #Readymore secure security education. This effort is a form of collaboration between service providers and their users who share the vision to keep transactions safe on Tokocrypto.

“Service providers are responsible for developing sustainable security. Meanwhile, users also need to be vigilant and aware to help protect their data and accounts. To make this happen, ongoing security education is needed.”

Tokocrypto security campaign illustration.

Tokocrypto urges to enable 2FA Google Authenticator for Account Security
Tokocrypto demonstrates its commitment to playing an active role as a pioneer in growing user convenience and trust by obtaining an ISO 27017 certificate. This is a standard for making cloud -based services more secure and reducing risks related to security issues. Previously, Tokocrypto had also achieved ISO 27001.

In addition, Tokocrypto began requiring users to enable 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication), a security feature to verify identity. The use of this 2FA security feature is so that accounts, data, assets , and transaction history are not easily known by other people who are not responsible.

Tokocrypto users can enable 2FA SMS and Google Authenticator as a double layer of security. In addition, it is recommended to enable both, because 2FA SMS alone is not enough to avoid account hacking. Hackers can still guess the OTP code or hijack the SIM card to gain access.

Ilustrasi security digital account.
Meanwhile, Google Authenticator has many advantages automate trading, because it is safer from hacking. The security system is encrypted, independent of third-party networks, practical and compatible for all smartphone operating systems .

“Two-step verification equipped with Google Authenticator will be much more secure. Besides being more secure than SMS, the authentication application is faster without relying on signals and cellular operators,” said Rieka.

Tips for Keeping Transactions Safe from Tokocrypto
It is undeniable, currently there are still many people who do not understand the importance of protecting personal data. Therefore, it is imperative to continue to pursue broad security education, in order to protect users’ confidential and personal information. The following are tips for safe digital transactions:

Create a password that is complex and difficult to guess.
Do not just click the link provided and respond to suspicious messages.
Do not provide personal account data to anyone.
Secure secret code ( password , PIN, OTP) .
Security updates on third parties, such as email and smartphones .
Use additional security protections such as, Google Authenticator.
“Hopefully, this security education can reach a wider audience, so they will understand more about the protection of their private and confidential information,” concluded Reika.

Tokocrypto Campaigns Security Education, To Protect User Data