Playing real money games is a great form of entertainment and more and more people are starting to show interest in this activity. This is especially now that online casinos are so easy to access. These days, wherever you are and whatever time it is, you can play any real cash games. Even if you’ve never gambled before, there are simple games that you can play like slot machines.

Whether you’re a gambler or not, playing slot machine games are always a great way to have fun. It’s a game that online casinos never sleep on. Casino sites like 10CRIC provide the best slot games in India and nowadays, this game comes in numerous varieties. It’s a game that you won’t easily get bored of. Have you ever wondered where this game started? Slot machines games come from a long way back and have changed so much over the years.

Where it All Began

It’s known thatthe first-ever automatic slot machine was invented in 1894 in San Francisco, California. However, the existence of a slot machine-like game can be tracedto 1891 in New York. During this time, there was a company called Sittman and Pit that created a machine that had 5 reels with a total of 50 playing cards. The machine was played by pulling a lever and a player wins if the reel outcome shows a lineup of poker hands. This machine, however, only paid out with tickets that could be used to redeem non-cash prizes like free drinks and cigars.

It was reported that the machine in New York has been the inspiration of a San Francisco gentleman named Charles Fey who was a mechanic. Fey worked for a farming tool manufacturer in his early career which influenced his skills in machinery. He created the slot machine in 1894 but it was on the following year when he placed it in a local saloon where it became a massive hit.

Fey realized that his first slot machine was just the beginning and so he left the company where he worked as a mechanic and opened a factory to produce more slot machines. In 1898, the first three-reel slot machine called Card Bell was born and it was the first machine that paid out automatically. In the following year, Fey then came out with Liberty Bell and it became the most popular slot machine during this time.

It didn’t take long before more businesses brought out their version of slot machines. During this time, gambling was illegal in California and Fey just can’t patent his device. This is why by the 1910s, he already got numerous competitors and San Francisco had around 3000 slot machines throughout the state from different companies.

For a long time, slot machines were purely mechanical with a lever but in 1964, the first electromechanical slot machine was created by Bally and it was called the Money Honey. A lever was still part of this game as it was something that has stuck with the players but it was the first machine that was operated with electricity.

A decade later, the first video slot was developed and manufactured by a Las Vegas-based company called Future Coin. It made use of a 19-inch Sony TV and was an immediate hit in Las Vegas. In the 1990s, the video slot machine was made more modern and similar to the slot machine games that people are playing today. This was also the time when casinos have landed on the internet.

Online Slot Machines

While online casinos have been around for a while now, they didn’t blow off right away. It took a while for people to be comfortable with gambling online. Until today, there are still gamblers who are skeptical about the credibility of online operators. However, online gambling sites today are generally safe and secure. They also promise fair gameplay and some would assure their customers with a badge from third-party game testing companies like eCOGRA.

As a player, it’s also your responsibility to ensure your online safety and to be sure that you’re only dealing with legit online operators, you should only play at sites that are licensed by certain jurisdictions like Curacao, Isle of Man, the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, and more.

Only Dealing with a reputable online casino site can make you rest assured that the slot machine games you’re playing are randomly tested and checked for fairness. It’s a myth that online slots are rigged. Know that some of the biggest casino wins of all time are taken by players who decided to take a chance on online slot machines.

The Evolution of Slot Machine Games