Of course, you can also bet on a specific team to score more than a certain number of goals or under. For example, Barcelona if scoring more than 1.5 goals is a win bet if they win 5-0 or lose 2-3 – making it a flexible investment. Some bookies also offer betting opportunities on scoring judi bola resmi intervals. You can bet that you will see between 1 and 4 goals in a given game. In this case, the narrower the interval, the greater the chance.

There is another special designation here: “both teams to score bets”. This bet is valid if one of the teams manages to score a goal. 1-1, 3-2, 5-4, 6-1 are all winners here. A very good way to abuse this bet is to play it when the very big teams meet the small ones. The favorites might score 3 or 4 times, but they will lose focus and concede a goal.

Correct score

There’s not much to explain here. The odds that online soccer betting sites agen bola terpercaya offer for the correct score are usually great, but these are very difficult to predict and depend a lot on luck. One way to abuse these correct scores is to combine them. Let’s say a solid defensive team meets a much weaker team at home. They will likely win the game and avoid conceding, but will not score as many goals. Placing three bets on the correct score like 1-0, 1-1 and 2-0 will give you better odds than making an “under 2.5 goals” bet.

Handicap Betting

Most people believe Handicap betting is a complicated thing to understand. That’s not true. Simply put, the number you see near the team name is the number of goals (or cards, or whatever) they have as a “bonus”. Here’s our explanation.

In the game described above between Manchester United and Manchester City, in the Asian situs judi terpercaya Handicap section of your betting site’s betting list, you will see something like Manchester United +1.

This means United started the game with a one-goal advantage. If the final score is 0-0, United are the winners due to their initial +1 bonus. If the final score is 0-1, bet means tie (1-1, with starting bonus), you get your money back. An Asian Handicap of +0.5 equals a 1X bet, while an Asian Handicap of -1.5 would mean you expect United to win by at least 2 goals. If you bet United -1.5 and the game will end 1:0, you will lose the bet, even taruhan bola though United won.

The +0.75 bet is no more than half the bet between +0.5 and +1. Your bet is divided between the +0.5 bet and the +1 bet. If the final score is 0:1, you will lose the +0.5 bet, but get your money back on the +1 bet, by limiting the amount of money you lose.

Asian Handicap betting is also available on goals scored, cards, corners, possession, etc.

Special bet

Speaking of cards and holdings, you have the opportunity to bet daftar sbobet on these things too. You can bet that a team will be booked more than their opponents, that they will have more possession, you can bet on which player will score one goal, more than one goal, the first goal – the opportunities are endless. But remember, the more complicated the scenario, the less likely it is to happen.


Special betting for winning soccer online betting