One of the most popular soccer site deposits because it was first used using a bank account. So players have to transfer some money to be included as capital on the site.

The method of depositing via a bank account is easy to use because you only need to transfer it to the site account as you wish. You don’t have to deposit large amounts because the minimum deposit is very low.

The first way to do the transaction is to first check the latest number belonging to the site because sometimes there are changes. Don’t let you get the wrong account number because the balance will certainly not enter.

After that, don’t forget to check the minimum rules for depositing funds that are allowed and don’t deposit below them. Because if the deposit is below the site’s minimum rules it will be immediately rejected.

You also have to check the status of the bank to which the funds will be sent, whether it is offline or online. Make sure to choose a bank that is online so that there are no transaction delays because the bank is offline.

If you have immediately made a deposit transfer to the soccer site using an ATM or internet banking. bursa taruhan bola online Don’t forget to save the proof of transfer for confirmation on the site until the balance goes into your account.

After the transaction is successful, it is highly recommended to confirm by filling out the deposit form. Make sure you enter the data on the form correctly so that it can be directly checked by CS.

If you want it faster, then re-confirm to customer service via live chat while attaching proof of the transaction. Confirmation is very important because it makes checking easier, especially if the transfer uses a unique code.

How to make a soccer deposit transaction using a bank account