Everyone knows that bridge cards are smaller than poker cards. In general, bridge cards are about inch (or about 5 millimeters) slimmer than poker cards. The question is: why? One can very easily play poker with bridge cards and vice versa. And other card games like euchre, pitch, hearts, and spades can be played with either deck size (additional question maybe: why isn’t there a different deck size for each of these cards Daftar Casino Bet88 , too?)

Obviously, size doesn’t matter!

There are many different theories as to why the playing cards are of different sizes.

· One of my favorite theories is feminist theory – bridge is a game for girls and holdem is a game for boys. Women have smooth, small hands while men have big, strong hands, and this is why bridge cards are smaller than holdem cards – how can a wee woman deal with manly cards like poker cards? To free this playing-card-oppression, women should (1) encourage men to acknowledge their femininity by playing bridge (2) encourage men to abandon their manhood by playing bridge card poker (3) start playing more poker, or (4) start playing with jumbo sized cards to show that women are not only as good as men, but better!

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be, “Why are bridge cards so small,” but, rather, “Why are holdem cards so darn big?”

Texas Theory – Texas is a big country, right? And Texas Hold ‘Em, perhaps the ultimate holdem game, is the name for this great country, right? Well, it only makes sense that card holdem is as big as Texas!

· American theory – America is generally wider than the rest of the world, it just makes sense that their holdem cards, too! (In many countries, the standard deck size is bridge size).

· Poker is a gambling game, and there are some people who try to win by cheating. Therefore, to prevent cheating, the larger holdem cards, make hand sleights more difficult (of course, at the same time, it’s a little harder to hide the bigger cards).

The most likely reasons that bridge cards are narrower than poker cards:

· On the bridge, you usually have to hold more cards in your hand – around 13 compared to just 5 for poker. It is easier to hold the smaller cards and to keep them hidden. In poker, on the other hand, it’s easier to hold onto the bigger cards, because you have so few to hold onto.

More information about playing cards:

· Magicians generally choose bridge cards – because they are smaller, they are easier to manage for many different magic tricks and hand sleights.

· Most licensed cards, such as the Coca Cola deck of playing cards, are holdem-sized.

· Jumbo index cards are not cards that are even bigger than holdem cards – instead, they have large print on the corners so the numbers are easy to read.

· In many casino poker games, bridge sized cards are used!

Card Poker and Bridge