ambling and online slot games from Pragmatic Play are loved by many people because they are able to give jackpots on a large scale, especially since all people can get them. Actually, this game has been around for a long time, but at the beginning the game was only done using a machine directly, so it didn’t use an online system at all when gambling.

However, many people still feel unsatisfied when playing this slot bet using an offline system because security is still not maintained. Therefore, many large and trusted bookies have created several online gambling sites that provide online slot games on the internet. In this way, the quality and safety of gambling is guaranteed.

The ability of gambling players is also taken into account if you want to get large profits, where this kind of ability is often overlooked by many people. Everyone is actually aware that winning gambling games is impossible if you only rely on luck, but must use tactics in it.

For a long time, gamblers have tried to find winning tricks from several sources, while all of these can be found when you look for them on the internet. Even the trick is partly one of the services provided by a site. Therefore, you must dare to take this kind of opportunity to get the biggest jackpot.

With this guide, we will provide you with 8 List of Pragmatic Play Online Slot Games that are popular with the Indonesian people and the Indonesian people with the biggest jackpots in 2021 on the Heyslot88 online slot gambling site.


Sweet Bonanza is at the top of the list of 8 online slot games favored by the Indonesian people in 2021. This game published by Pragmatic Play is trusted and is believed to provide the most powerful jackpot among other game lists. Players have a high chance of getting free spins and random multipliers for free. With free spins and random multipliers, the chances of players getting the jackpot will be even greater and sensational powerful profits can be obtained.


The second list that is most popular with the Indonesian people is the Gates of Olympus online slot game. Zeus as the strongest God from Ancient Greece became a symbol of this game giving a distinct impression. The players can get a big chance to get free spins by getting four diggers from Zeus. With the prize of 15 free spins for free, the opportunity to get a huge jackpot is right in front of your eyes.


Starlight Princess is one of the most popular online slot games and offers the biggest jackpots. This game provides a very powerful jackpot worth 5000x the bet. This game from Pragmatic Play provides a random multiplier of up to 500x for free for its players. Even though it has just been released by Pragmatic Play, this game has succeeded in capturing the hearts of players and has become a favorite to play.


With a classic Mesoamerican feel to the game, Aztec Gems has proven to be loved by many online slot game players and provides a huge jackpot that is unmitigated. Aztec Gems also provides daily cash prizes for players to win. Grab the chance of a random win multiplier of up to 15x then you will get the most powerful jackpot you can get.


For players who like the cowboy theme of olden times, surely this Pragmatic Play game is popular. Wild West Gold provides a very powerful jackpot prize that is up to 10,000x the bet you place. You can get a multiplier for free or you can buy it to get a bigger jackpot chance. With the feel of a cowboy-style shooting, players can feel a different kind of adrenaline while playing and are increasingly motivated to get the jackpot.


Get ready, the players are rammed by the rhino jackpot on this one. Great Rhino Megaways delivers sensationally powerful jackpots of up to 20,000x the stake. With an African safari-style display, it gives its own fun in playing. And the players also gave testimonials that a lot of people got the jackpot from this Pragmatic Play game. 


This Pragmatic Play game is indeed similar to Sweet Bonanza but carries the theme of Christmas Xmas snow. With a random multiplier of up to 100x in the free spins facility, players can get a sensational huge jackpot prize of 21,100x the stake. Of course, such a big jackpot is a favorite of the players and the opportunity is very wide open. Also get prizes from daily wins held by Sweet Bonanza Xmas.


Again with the word Bonanza. Yes, the Bonanza Gold game published by Pragmatic Play has proven to be one that is favored by the people of Indonesia and is believed to also provide a sensational huge jackpot. By buying the double-win chance feature, the players’ chances for the jackpot are even greater. With the explosion of the scatter bomb, you will get free spins that have the opportunity to provide a random multiplier of up to thousands of times.

Important Steps Before Starting Online Slot Betting

Important steps before starting to do online slot gambling must indeed be considered from the start. That way, players can feel calm while doing it, especially if bets are made using an online system. The steps that must be taken by gamblers are as follows, so you must understand them thoroughly for your own benefit.

An important step that must be taken by a gambler when playing online betting on the internet is to look for the best site on the internet because by relying on this site the profits are guaranteed. Many people have managed to become a millionaire after relying on the best site on the internet.
Furthermore, gambling players also have to collect as many winning tricks as possible in order to get a win in a short time. Actually learning or mastering these tactics is not difficult at all, it doesn’t even take much time. However, gamblers are very much required to have thoroughness and also a very strong determination when applying it.
In addition, players must dare to determine how much capital is before betting is done because it must exceed the minimum bet value. It is feared that if this is not done, it will be difficult to see opportunities in the next turn. For hundreds of years people who like to gamble always do this kind of thing.
Mental is also a trigger for gamblers to be able to produce wins in a short time. In fact, many people will get a lot of money as long as their mentality is really resilient. Of course, not everyone can improve mentally briefly, but you can take separate steps when trying to improve it before betting takes place.

8 List of Pragmatic Play Online Slot Games with the Biggest Jackpots